Hi! I'm Jen! I'm the creator of Jen's Nail Hut.

My nail story started in 2014 as a result of having a young family and the difficulties of juggling family and work life in finance. For many years I have been passionate about my own nails and this coupled with my keen interests in Art and Design and anything creative led me to seek alternative ways to make a living.

Being a nail biter in the past for many years, nails became a love of mine in my late teens. I always remember as a child, my Grandmother trying her best to get me to grow my nails and applying Stop & Grow Polish! Never did it work, I got used to the foul taste! Now, not only am I doing something I enjoy, but also, have the quality time I need to spend with my young family.

After much investigation on how to move forward with my dream, I chose to train one on one with Catherine Jimenez, Educator for Hand and Nail Harmony (Awarded Best Professional Beauty Training, Education & Development Company 2017) I consider one of my main strengths is that I constantly seek to improve and move with the latest fashions and nail technology. I've invested considerable amount of time and financial investment to ensure that I am up to speed.

When I embarked on my business adventure, it coincided with a friend having to dispose of their summerhouse. I saw this as an ideal opportunity to create Jen's Nail Hut. A lot of thought went in to making a comfortable, stylish, place for me to welcome my clients. The end result, I think, achieves what I set out to do.The hut itself is located at the bottom of my garden which is a peaceful retreat away from all the hustle and bustle of life. I even have times when I escape there myself! (And so do my cats given half the chance!) The hut is insulated and heated to keep you cosy in the colder months and in the summer, there are double opening doors to let the fresh air in.I always have refreshments on standby!I give you my full attention when you visit me and do my best to make you feel at home. Your treatment will not be rushed, and I allow adequate time to enable you to relax.I only carry out treatments that I am qualified and insured for.Hopefully I will be seeing you soon!Love Jen x